Peaceful Pit Bull Humane Society of Alabama

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Here at Peaceful Pit Bull Humane Society of Alabama, we are looking for ways to improve the way of life for all rescue members. They came from High Kill Shelters and need Loving Forever Families. We believe not everyone needs to own a Pit Bull, but every Pit Bull needs the love and care of his or her own family members. If you are a Loving, Caring, Forever Parent, This is the place for you. Pit Bulls require more than a spot in the yard. They are couch hogs, under the foot, and passenger on road trips. The more you let them around people, other animals, and other places, the more they love you. They are social members of society. Take society away from them and they become depressed and may act out. They should never be chained or teetering. Every time you come out it is like holding a piece of candy just out of the reach of a child. You tease them with your presents. Depression sets in and trouble begins. Give them a spot in your life as a companion, not an ornament. Peaceful Pit Bull HS Alabama works with all our rescue members to know their personality. Our special needs and special consideration members have their reasons for this with them. Please take in consideration we will never adopt them to a person who cannot meet their needs to the fullest, for the safety and security of our members. Our rescue members are treated like companions when they come in the door. We want nothing more than the best for them when they leave to their forever homes.

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